Just a quick note to say: our next available spaces are in January, for Issue #14, because issues #12 and #13 are full. There aren’t as many issues of Picaroon in 2018 because Kate cut back to look after babies, and adjust to being a mother of five children with four journals/presses to run!

We will resume publishing 6x a year – in January, March, May, July, September, November – from Issue #14. Thank you.

How to submit:

  • Please send 1-3 of your unpublished poems to Kate Garrett at Send them in the body of an email, or a Word document – please do not send PDFs.
  • Please, please check your work for typos and spelling mistakes.
  • Please also include a short (no more than 100 words) third-person bio – as factual or funny as you like.
  • While I am not interested in reprints (see above), simultaneous submissions are fine, as long as you let me know ASAP if the work is accepted elsewhere.
  • I don’t like to be strict with line limits, but I’d say if your poem is longer than 3 pages, you can try us, but we might not be the right place for it.
  • There is no specific theme or poetic style. Just send me your gut-stabbing or tear-jerking or I-can’t-breathe-from-laughing words. If you need an idea of what we like, what you should send, check out our Rogues’ Gallery, and read back issues.
  • I only ask for one-time rights – once your work has appeared in Picaroon Poetry, you can do what you want with it. But giving us a credit would be nice.
  • I look forward to reading your work!