Picaroon Poetry – Issue #17 – July 2019

Here we go – the July issue of Picaroon is waiting for you to board. This summer, we have many poems about relationships and sex, travel, and the usual life and death situations with a dash of magic.

Featuring poetry by Sharon Phillips, Peter Burrows, Kitty Coles, alyssa hanna, Crystal Anderson, John L. Stanizzi, Chris Hemingway, Sue Kindon, Kathleen Strafford, Jenna Velez, Maureen Daniels, Samuel Guest, Charlie Hill, John Son, Beth Bayley, Visar, Bethany W Pope, Luke Kuzmish, Gerard Sarnat, Chris Hardy, Erik Fuhrer, Christopher Hopkins, John Raffetto, Andrew Shields, Bo Meson, Brian Comber, Martin Zarrop, Kristin Garth, Maiya Dambawinna, David Bankson, Jeffrey Zable, Rickey Rivers Jr, Anthony Watts, Donna Dallas, Chuka Susan Chesney, and Tobi Alfier.

Picaroon is, as always, lovingly edited by Kate Garrett.

You can download a PDF of Issue #17 here: Picaroon Poetry – Issue #17 – July 2019

Or read the issue on Yumpu by clicking the cover below. Happy reading!

Picaroon 17

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