Picaroon Poetry – Issue #19 – November 2019

Well here we are, rogues and rebels, readers and writers – our last issue of Picaroon until the middle of 2021.

I’m taking a long break mostly for personal and family reasons, and when Picaroon returns I’ll be living somewhere new, and doing new things, so will only be publishing one or two issues of the journal per year.

I want to thank everyone who appears in this issue – poems about busking and goats, fruitcake and pawn shops, and Christmas and ghosts and so much more – and everyone who has ever sent something our way, been published in other issues, or read what our writers have shared with you.

This sounds like a goodbye, because it’s going to be such a long time without you – but of course it’s really ‘see you later’.

Happy reading, and since I won’t see you before, have a great winter (or summer if you’re in the southern hemisphere) holiday season, and a brilliant 2020 when it arrives!

This issue of Picaroon features poetry by Nick Carding, Rickey Rivers Jr, Victor Altshul, Simon Williams, Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon, Todd Mercer, Michael H. Brownstein, Sue Kindon, Maureen Daniels, Sheila Ronsen, Charles G Lauder, Jr., Laura Wainwright, Juliette Sebock, Cynthia Anderson, Kyla Houbolt, Grant Tarbard, Howie Good, Daniel Fraser, Hannah Wang, Gabriella Garofalo, Elisabeth Horan, Patrick T. Reardon, Jordan Hamel, Beth Brooke, Craig Dobson, Svetlana Avakumović, Cecile Bol, Clive Donovan, David J. Thompson, Robin Ray, Beth Bayley, and Betsy Martin.

And of course, it was edited with love – and this time, a little wistfulness – by me, Kate Garrett.

Download a PDF of the issue here: Picaroon Poetry – Issue #19 – November 2019

Or read it on Yumpu by clicking the cover below.

Picaroon 19

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