Deadly, Delicate by Kate Garrett

Here are fifteen poems circumnavigating the world of historical piracy, presented at a slant where the men are dangerous and the women are lethal.

The violence and the sweetness, the freedom and the acceptance of death are all given equal footing. Never straying from the brutality of a lawless life on the seas, Deadly, Delicate welcomes you to the depths…

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Praise for Deadly, Delicate:

“Gender moves like the ocean in Kate Garrett’s world of women, pirates, sex and death. These are poems that swing a sword to make the world roll away. Taut, brutal and beautifully tender, Deadly, Delicate is exactly what it says. Try it. It will leave you hungry for more.”

– Angela Readman, award-winning poet & short fiction writer

“These poems have a fitting revelry, are hedonistic, yet their sensuousness is often surprisingly tender. The characters within are those you’d dream of plundering with, drinking and fornicating with, maybe even hanging with. I left these poems with the smell of salt, sweat and sex in my nostrils and the want of rum on my tongue.”

– Brett Evans, award-winning poet & co-editor of Prole

“The Pirate – the ultimate outsider, the men and women who turned away from conventional society’s rules and norms in favour of the short merry life of freedom and plunder on the seas. In our regulated world, the stories of these glorious renegades still haunt us, and in these poems, they speak to us again. Open the book, and listen to their voices . . . “

– Suz Winspear, Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2016/17

“You walk the line between heroine and villain. You ask, does the ocean fit the bounds of the continents, or does the sea encompass the land? Where is that meeting point between earth and water, air and fire? Kate Garrett dances the plank of these questions. Simple answers will not do. Neither good nor evil. Not land, not water, but words to light the way.”

– Rosie Garland, writer & musician