Call for Submissions: Troubadour (An anthology of music-inspired poetry)














We received over 1,000 poems for this call, and will respond to everyone by mid-May, for publication in June/July. Thank you for your patience.

Call for Picaroon anthology submissions!

Following in the news-flavoured footsteps of Deranged, which was a response to unpleasant comments made about women in the arts (particularly poetry), Troubadour will be an anthology of poetry inspired by music and musicians.

Here at Picaroon, we get so many poetry submissions paying tribute to genres such as jazz, country, and the blues, or specific singer-songwriters like Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and David Bowie. Either way, and whatever your view, it’s very clear: music means the world to many poets, and in many cases the two art forms are closely entwined.

Hence our title: “troubadour” was originally a word used to describe a certain type of medieval poet, but has, over the centuries, come to mean a singer. A troubadour seamlessly blends words and music.

This anthology will be edited by Kate Garrett and Robert de Born (poet, songwriter & musician), and published in Spring 2017.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday 5 February 2017.


  • Submit up to 4 poems about music, inspired by music, as tributes to music – the interpretation of the theme is up to you.
  • Submit all of your poems in a single Word document (not one poem per document – this gets very confusing), or in the body of your email. Please do not send PDFs.
  • Send your poems to with the subject line “Troubadour Submission”.
  • Unfortunately we cannot accept found poetry for this book, due to stringent copyright laws around song lyrics, so please don’t send any.
  • Previously published poems are okay, as long as you tell us where they first appeared so we can give credit.
  • If you are sending a simultaneous submission, please let us know as soon as possible if it’s accepted elsewhere.
  • Payment for the anthology will be one contributor copy of the paperback.
  • Once again, the deadline is 5 February 2017, and the book will be published in Spring 2017 (probably April).

We look forward to reading your work!