Picaroon Poetry – Issue #13 – September 2018

Picaroon is back, with our last issue of 2018 – but don’t be sad. There will be a bit of a break, but we get back to our normal bi-monthly schedule in January. Also: we are now OPEN for submissions after our summer break, so please check our guidelines and send us your best rogue poems.

And most importantly, enjoy this simultaneously flippant and hard-hitting selection of poems. We have nonsense verse and surrealism next to poems speaking out against many forms of abuse, and several poems that remind us whatever job someone does to support themselves, they deserve respect. We also bring you poems of loss, and love, dead ladybirds, and cheerios. Enjoy!

[CN/TW for abuse (verbal; sexual; child abuse), religion (Christianity), violence (mass shootings, war zones). Our poets are sensitive souls and wouldn’t harm anyone, but they have a lot to say from their own personal experience – I try to cover this with content notes, but might have missed something, so please tread carefully if you’re feeling fragile.]

This issue features work by Sue Kindon, Marc Frazier, Attracta Fahy, Darren C. Demaree, Anne Babson, Kevin Reid, Karen Little, Rachel Burns, Louise Wilford, Marne Wilson, Linda Stevenson, Kelli Simpson, Emma Lee, Ben Banyard, Bethany W Pope, Kristin Garth, Jared Pearce, Sally Kidd, Sophie Petrie, Thomas Tyrrell, Jude Cowan Montague, MiRo, Darrell Petska, David Linklater, Douglas Cole, Kasey Shelley, Pru Bankes Price, Cara L McKee, Tobi Alfier, Bekah Steimel, Michelle Hartman. The cover art is ‘Scary Baby’, a mixed media piece by Chuka Susan Chesney.

(Click the cover to read / download the issue on Yumpu. As always, if you need to read from a PDF to accommodate for a visual impairment, or if you are unable for any other reason to access/download the issue via Yumpu, please email Kate at picaroonpoetry@gmail.com, and I’ll be happy to provide a PDF for you.)

Picaroon 13.jpg


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