Best of the Net 2017 Nominations

It’s September! And just in time: here are our six poetic nominations for Sundress Publications’ Best of the Net 2017 anthology, and where to find them in our back issues.

Issue #5

‘Mushrooms’ by Cheryl Pearson
‘Caffeine’ by Steven Bruce

Issue #6

‘Lares’ by Kitty Coles

Issue #7

‘My mother speaks thorns’ by Sophie McKeand

Issue #8

‘Can’t Take Me Anywhere’ by Neil Fulwood
‘Unpickling’ by Nicky Phillips

Congratulations and good luck to our nominees, and I’ll be posting more good news later in the autumn/winter with our Pushcart Prize nominations announcement! See you all in a few weeks for Issue #10.

(For more information about Sundress Publications and Best of the Net, visit their website.)

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