Picaroon Poetry – Issue #8 – May 2017

Welcome to Issue #8 of Picaroon Poetry. In this issue, we have conflict, infidelity, introspection, death, and all of the other finer things in life – and, really, what more do you want from a poetry journal? Happy reading!

Features work by Arushi Singh, Laura Enright, Kathleen Latham, Spencer Folkins, Neil Fulwood, Joe Williams, Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon, Monique Byro, Mat Gould, Andie Berryman, Mark Young, David Subacchi, Sarah Doyle, Miki Byrne, Grant Tarbard, Violet Dahl, anggo genorga, Sharon Larkin, Lyndi Bell O’Laughlin, Noel Williams, Penny Sharman, Nicky Phillips, Sheikha A., Lesley Quayle, Michael Marrotti, Michèle Alter Brenton, Robert Nisbet, and Barry Fentiman Hall.

(Click the cover to read / download the issue on Yumpu. As always, if you need to read from a PDF to accommodate for a visual impairment, or if you are unable for any other reason to access/download the issue via Yumpu, please email Kate at picaroonpoetry@gmail.com, and I’ll be happy to provide a PDF for you.)

4 thoughts on “Picaroon Poetry – Issue #8 – May 2017

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