Apologies for the delays: Troubadour and Deranged anthologies

We are experiencing some delays getting these anthologies out. This is mostly because I (Kate) am doing an awful lot of things at the same time. And as people are asking about these things quite a lot, and every time I have to answer a query it takes time from submissions and publishing, I thought it would be useful to post it all here (as I have posted it to our Facebook page, but I don’t think everyone checks that).

  • Deranged is ready to go, apart from some proofreading and formatting corrections, and sending the proof out to the poets to finalise everything. I am hoping to release this one in April/May.
  • As for Troubadour… well, I will copy and paste the email I’ve been sending our querying submitters (and I can understand why people would ask after their work, hence this post):
By the time Troubadour submissions closed on 5 February, we received 350+ emails containing 1,000+ pieces of writing, and as my co-editor (and husband) works full time, and I run two journals and presses and have four children, to give everyone’s work the time and attention it deserves, responses are taking longer than we anticipated. (Mostly because we didn’t anticipate receiving over a thousand poems! And the baby has been teething…)
We will respond to everyone personally, however, and are now looking at a June/July publication date, with all responses being sent by the middle of May.
So: thank you for your patience and again, we’re all (Rachel, Robert, and especially me) very sorry for the delays. I will be in touch with everyone who is anything to do with these two projects in the next two months!
– Kate

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