Picaroon Poetry – Issue #5 – November 2016

Welcome to Issue #5 of Picaroon Poetry, or as I’ve been affectionately (and unofficially) calling it, ‘the sex and death issue’. It’s an unquestionably autumnal/wintry collection of poems for our last outing of 2016, bleak and unflinching in places (though there are some wry, hopeful, and funny moments as well). Still, as long as these things are being written down, everything keeps moving forward.

While this issue was being put together, the world lost Leonard Cohen, and exactly one week later, a smaller portion of the world lost my beautiful aunt. Picaroon owes them both a great deal in very different ways, so this issue has been dedicated to both of them.

Featuring poems by Ava C. Cipri, Ojo Taiye, James H Duncan, Charlotte Ansell, Monika Kostera, Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe, Jackie Biggs, Lesley Quayle, Amy Kinsman, Derek Coyle, Cheryl Pearson, Bethany W Pope, Nenad Trajkovic, Jane R Rogers, David Susswein, Emma Lee, Jo Burns, Brett Evans, John D. Robinson, Shauna Robertson, Bobby Steve Baker, Holly Day, Courtney LeBlanc, Jessica Mookherjee, Paul Brookes, Pat Edwards, John Grey and Steven Bruce.

(Click the cover to read/download the issue on Yumpu.)

2 thoughts on “Picaroon Poetry – Issue #5 – November 2016

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