Pushcart Prize Nominations

I am pleased to announce our six 2017 Pushcart Prize nominations (this year’s nominations are considered for the following calendar year).

They are:

‘Girls’ by Bethany W Pope (Issue #3)

‘How to Make a Halo’ by Kevin Casey (Issue #4)

‘The Etiquette of Loss’ by Maurice Devitt (Issue #4)

‘The Bargain’ by Bethany Rivers (Issue #2)

‘Mambo’ by Neil Fulwood (Issue #1)

‘My Coat with Rainbow Sleeves’ by Mary Imo-Stike (Issue #2)

It goes without saying you should check out the poems above, and their companions in all of our issues – the decision was a tough one because every piece of work selected is dearly loved.

For more information on the Pushcart Prize (Best of the Small Presses) visit their website.

And thanks, as always, for your readership and support of Picaroon!


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