Picaroon Poetry – Issue #4 – September 2016

Issue #4 has arrived on your shores, this time bringing – amongst other things – murder (of a sort), mayhem (of many sorts), rather interesting bedroom shenanigans (just the one thankfully), and twice as many poems using the c-word compared to Issue #3.

On a serious note, this issue also carries a CN/TW for child abuse / sexual abuse (‘The Hands That I Loved’).

Features work by Nancy Iannucci, Cathryn Shea, Kevin Casey, Jeffrey Kingman, Ricky Garni, Paul Vaughan, Andie Berryman, Caroline Hardaker, Maurice Devitt, Daniel Roy Connelly, Al McClimens, Grant Tarbard, Meygan Cox, Anna Percy, Matt Duggan, Lizzie Holden, Holly Magill, Evie Worrall, Justin Hilliard, Antony Owen, Larry D. Thacker, R.A. Clemens, Lauren Suchenski, Amy Rea, Darren C. Demaree, and Courtney Lavender.

(Click the cover to read/download the issue on Yumpu.)

3 thoughts on “Picaroon Poetry – Issue #4 – September 2016

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