Picaroon Poetry – Issue #1 – March 2016

Welcome to Issue #1 of Picaroon Poetry!

This issue comes with a strong CN / TW for: sexual abuse / rape (‘Fallon’; ‘[Jennifer Walks the River]’), alcoholism (‘My Mother the Barmaid Never Said There’d Be Nights Like This’), and cutting / blood (‘Scarring’).

Features work by Orooj-e-Zafar, iDrew, Shane Vaughan, David Spicer, Susan Castillo Street, Neil Fulwood, Brett Evans, Amy Kinsman, Dean Rhetoric, Johanna Boal, Carole Bromley, Alyson Miller, Robert Crisp, Chris Hemingway, Rachel Nix, Jennifer A. McGowan, Bethany W Pope, Grant Tarbard, Hannah Pyne, Marilyn Hammick, and Mary Stone.

For writer bios, info and web links, please visit our ‘Contributors’ page on the site.

(Click the cover to read / download the issue on Yumpu.)

6 thoughts on “Picaroon Poetry – Issue #1 – March 2016

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  3. Congratulations to everyone on the first issue. I’ve already read a few poems and I’m impressed. Very spiffy cover and I like the reading platform. Thanks!


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